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Storm Damage

  • Storm Damage Assessment of Roofing

    This Class will provide the student with a qualitative understanding of assessment considerations for the determination of the cause and origin of storm related functional roof damage.  The student will be provided with information on the assessment process used to evaluate the performance and condition of a roof, code, and economic considerations.  The concepts will be illustrated through a number of case studies.


    CE Credits: 1.0 

  • Storm Damage Assessment of Commercial & Residential Roof Systems

    This class will provide the student with knowledge in identifying common roof system types and basic system attachment requirements, destructive and non-destructive tests that are available to the roof consultant for the qualification of storm related damage, recognition of common storm related damage and common construction and design related roof issues


    CE Credits: 2.0 (and 4.0 in Texas)

  • Wind Vs. Water

    The program will detail wind damage by examining basic fluid mechanics of air pressure and how flowing air interacts with obstructions i.e. structures.  Basic equations are derived to examine air pressure vs. water pressure to show the comparison of small amounts of water equaled to the Enhanced Fujita scale of tornado classification.  Basic flood characteristics are reviewed and common wave terminology is introduced to look at water waves and their interaction with land.  Finally damage profiles are examined for both wind and water events.  Numerous case studies of both are examined and discussed in detail by the class.  At the conclusion of the class, the student should be confident to examine structures and make basic determinations of wind vs water damage.


    CE Credits: 2.0

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