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Environmental and Industrial Hygiene

When dealing with health and environmental issues, a timely investigation can greatly reduce the overall cost of a project or loss created by the event.

With a dedicated catastrophe (CAT) response team supported by a national network of offices, we’re uniquely qualified, equipped and prepared to meet the constraints of demanding schedules and challenging conditions.

Our environmental CAT team consists of asbestos consultants, biologists, geologists, engineers, indoor air quality (IAQ) consultants, mold inspectors and technicians to help assess the environmental impacts on your property or loss site.

Our services include:
  • Environmental Assessment
    • Asbestos Inspection
    • Hazardous Material Survey
    • Contamination Assessment
    • Air Monitoring
    • Remediation Design and Oversight
  • Mold and Indoor Air Quality Testing
    • Moisture Mapping
    • Airborne Contaminant Testing
    • Mold Investigation and Analysis
    • Mold Remediation Design and Oversight
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