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Product Failure and Analysis

A small failure in a plumbing fixture or an electrical issue with an appliance can lead to large scale, expensive property damage.

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In an effort to support insurance, subrogation, loss prevention and litigation relating to these types of losses, our team of qualified, licensed professionals perform thorough, scientific failure analysis on a wide variety of products and equipment. We routinely examine appliances, plumbing components, tools, mechanical equipment, electrical parts and other system elements to determine if they failed, the cause of the failure and whether their failure could have led to significant property damage.

For smaller components, we have developed portable “Evidence Kits” designed to assist the client in collecting, recording, packaging, labeling and shipping the pieces to the nearest EFI Global office for analysis. For larger parts or equipment, we can arrange for pick-up and delivery of the item and can also securely store them as evidence following the examination and reporting.

Feel free to request an EFI Global Evidence Kit.

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