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We understand the ramifications of an incendiary fire cause and the evidence necessary to successfully defend a fraudulent claim.

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Our fire investigators rely on current industry standards and scientific principles to provide the factual basis to support our findings. An incendiary fire determination must be supported by the evidence and relevant facts developed through the use of sound methodology. Each hypothesis during the fire scene investigation must be tested down to the final hypothesis. The determination classification must be based on empirical research, not speculation. When our investigators determine that a fire was set intentionally, the proof will rest in the evidence.

As former public officials, we have the experience and resources to take the investigation to the next level. We’re trained in proper interview techniques, neighborhood canvassing, following paper trails and performing computer and courthouse records’ searches.

Our engineers, chemists and scientists can expertly identify, analyze and document all evidence collected, and process the findings in our in-house laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art instruments.

Furthermore, we realize that the investigation does not end with an incendiary fire cause — it’s only the beginning — and our experts are prepared to take a file from assignment to the courtroom.

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