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Demand letters and notification of claimed liability often surface after the scene has been investigated and the evidence has been processed and removed.

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In these type cases, a reliable independent opinion can still be formed based on a comprehensive review of the known facts and evidence. Following proper methodology, testing of the stated theories can prove or disprove a final hypothesis or conclusion. One or more of our select groups of fire and scientific experts can assess the raw data, review the documentation and evidence that was used as the basis of a conclusion in a claimant’s technical expert’s report and conduct independent verification, resulting in an objective view of the cause and responsibility of a loss or claim.

Regardless of the original conclusions with the claimant, we can provide additional insight into the technical issues of a claim and a true assessment of the level of certainty. Additional review and investigation can also identify evidence or facts that may have been overlooked and/or not considered in original conclusions, even in the most complex incidents.

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