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Origin and Cause

Determining the origin and cause of a fire loss can be a daunting challenge given the fact that fire can mask or destroy most of its own evidence.

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However, training and expertise can overcome the challenge resulting in a determination and assignment of responsibility in most cases. When trying to determine the cause and responsibility for a fire loss, it is important that the investigative team employs the proper methods and practices for an accurate and reliable determination. EFI Global’s well-trained and experienced investigators are committed to following the recognized industry standards in the investigative process and examination of fire scenes. EFI Global has found that by using sound methodology and a systematic approach, a more reliable conclusion of the origin and cause can be determined; one that will withstand the challenge of litigation. Increased industry guidelines and established legal precedence regarding fire investigation has made employing proper methodology through the scientific method of paramount importance.

We will always continue the tradition of assessing our procedures and practices to ensure they are current with the accepted industry standards, and our investigators continuously update their training and education to remain current with recognized practices and technology.

As a national company with global resources, we have an established network to communicate new ideas, findings and professional experiences, making us the industry leader both domestically and abroad.

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