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We have performed thousands of forensic structural investigations ranging from single-family residential buildings to multi-lane highway bridges and high-rise buildings throughout the world. Our experienced civil and structural engineers bring a clear and pragmatic perspective to complex failure related losses that only years of experience in forensics, design and construction can bring. This diverse experience allows us to respond to virtually any type of failure regardless of structure type or location.

Our engineers also have industry specific specialties in specific systems, components or facility types that ensure the appropriate depth to our services. They possess a sound knowledge of applicable model law building codes, industry standards, as well as local building codes and requirements. In addition to the structural components, we can evaluate the building from a global perspective by looking at its interactive systems to help us zero in on the root cause and subsequent effects.

We offer a multi-disciplinary line of forensic engineering, materials testing and scientific and failure analysis services. Our core services include structural condition assessments, cause of loss, destructive and non-destructive qualitative analysis, retrofit design, construction oversight and coordination and third party review.

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