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Industrial Hygiene

We offer a full spectrum of industrial hygiene compliance and consultation services.

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Our staff includes certified industrial hygienists (CIH), field industrial hygienists, certified safety professionals (CSP) and occupational health and safety professionals. Our staff regularly performs services for the identification, evaluation and control of chemical and physical hazards as well as in-plant evaluations of employee exposure to airborne dust and vapor contaminants, hazardous and explosive gases and vapors, non-ionizing radiation, noise and vibration. We evaluate the effectiveness of existing engineering and administrative controls, develop appropriate exposure control strategies and assist plant engineers and health and safety specialists in complying with applicable regulations.

In the case of a workplace injury, our industrial hygiene staff provides investigations as to the origin and cause of the accident, injury or exposure and examines the scene for potential hazards. Our staff provides expert witness testimony and conducts scientific research to support the data collected.

We perform these industrial hygiene services in manufacturing, industrial, construction and office environments to address:

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) to Include Sick Building Syndrome, Ventilation, Temperature, Humidity, Carbon monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Volatile Organic Compounds, Microbial and Bio-aerosol Sampling and Analysis
  • Evaluating and Controlling Environmental Asbestos and Lead Exposure to Building Occupants and Construction Workers
  • Workplace Exposure Monitoring for Chemical, Biological & Physical Hazards
  • OSHA Compliance Air Sampling and Monitoring
  • Asbestos and Lead Management Planning and Worker Protection
  • Emergency Response Planning and Emergency Management Planning
  • Site Specific Health and Safety Plans (HASP) and Implementation
  • Hazard Awareness Training, Hazard Communication and Worker Right-to-Know
  • Potentially Hazardous Agents such as Asbestos, Silica, Dusts and Fumes
  • Controlling Dermal Exposures and Contact Dermatitis When Handling Hazardous Materials and Contaminants
  • Cumulative Trauma Disorders (Repetitive Stress Injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
  • Laboratory Commissioning and Decommissioning
  • Radiation (Electromagnetic fields, Microwaves) 
  • Slip, Trip and Fall cases
  • Hazardous Waste Management and Control
  • Noise Assessment and Control

As a result of our analysis and investigations, our staff prepares cost estimates for mitigation and reaching compliance as well as preparing management lans to implement changes necessary for compliance and hazard mitigation. Our management planning approach addresses the occupant or worker concerns and works with the administrative team to implement the recommended changes.

We work with the client to implement changes to comply with OSHA and state regulations relating to worker safety and hazard communication (HAZCOM). In construction settings, these services result in preparing site-specific health and safety plans (SSHSP) and performing on-going monitoring as necessary to measure and evaluate the hazard. When necessary, this monitoring assists our clients in determining proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for their workers. On-site services also include tailgate safety training, 2-hour and 8-hour hazard awareness training and other elements of HAZCOM.

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