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Vehicle Fires

On-site examination of automotive, marine, heavy equipment or other vehicles can be handled by our investigators located strategically throughout the United States.

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EFI Global employs a team of automotive experts, mechanical and electrical engineers, and investigators specially trained to handle your automotive claims. We have developed systematic vehicle inspection methods which assure that important facts are discovered — and reported to the client.

From determining the cause of a fire to determining whether or not a defect could have caused a reported wreck, Unified has the technical capability needed.

Origin and Cause
We are the answer to the most effective claims administration concerning vehicle fire losses.

Each examination evaluates the potential for:

  • Mechanical Failure
  • Equipment Failure
  • Electrical Failure
  • Third Party Liability
  • Arson

With investigators located strategically throughout the United States, we are close to your loss site no matter where in the country it occurs.

Single Vehicle Wrecks – Single vehicle wrecks are a common event. In many of these wrecks a driver says that the car went out of control because of a mechanical defect in the steering, brakes, suspension or throttle. We can answer the question of whether or not a defect that could have caused the reported wreck is actually present in the vehicle.

Vehicle Accident Reconstruction
Did the accident occur the way the claimants say it did? We have the expertise to reconstruct and document the accident. EFI Global is equipped with the tools needed to accurately report what happened and how it happened in an unbiased and professional way. 

Lock Examination
A number of vehicle thefts are reported each year – some legitimate, some fraudulent. Did the claim occur as reported or was it manufactured? At EFI Global, technicians can perform detailed lock examinations to determine whether or not there is evidence that security devices were compromised, manipulated, picked or by-passed. Armed with the results of our analyses, you can evaluate legitimate and fraudulent claims with more certainty and effectiveness than ever before.

Soft Tissue Claims
Substantial medical claims after minor vehicle accidents are a growing challenge for the insurance industry. Addressing this challenge requires cost-effective technical support to distinguish those wrecks with injury-producing potential from those without.

EFI Global offers affordable technical evaluation of minor-impact vehicle collisions while providing the involved parties the same convenient service to which they have grown accustomed with drive-in claims handling. We can perform all necessary inspections, measurements and photographs needed for your claim.

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