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Roofing Services

A building’s roof system is one of its most susceptible components with respect to quality of installation, maintenance, and weather, with failure due to any of these variables resulting in costly repairs — that’s why we provide a full-range of roofing services to assist building owners, property managers, consultants and insurance companies design, construct, evaluate and maintain theirs.

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We specialize in roof consulting, roof uplift resistant testing, asset management, construction QA/QC, water and air infiltration testing and a number of qualitative evaluation services such as infrared thermography and moisture mapping for a variety of roofing systems including commercial, residential, warehouses, schools, hospitals and government facilities.

  • Surveys
    • Building Code and Construction Document Review
    • Infrared Moisture Surveys
    • Core Sampling
    • Visual Roof Observation
    • Recommendations Regarding Repair/Replacements
    • Installation and Maintenance Budgeting
  • Due Diligence
    • Condition Assessments
    • Life-cycle Costing
    • Warranty Review
    • Operations and Maintenance
  • Design
    • Drawings and Technical Specification Development
    • Contractor Selection & Bidding Assistance
    • Contract Administration
  • Oversight
    • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Inspections
    • Progress Meetings and Reports
    • Project Close-out Documentation
  • Forensic
    • Storm Assessment
    • Wind Uplift Analysis (ASTM E907-96)
    • Water Infiltration and Moisture Mapping
    • Construction Defect Investigation
    • Expert & Factual Witness Testimony
  • Roof Asset Management
    • Roof Asset Database Development and Management
    • Periodic Condition Assessment and Photo Documentation
    • Preventative Maintenance Schedule Preparation & Monitoring
    • Manufacturer and Warranty Information Updates
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