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Failure Analysis

Failure analysis is an important part of any fire investigation where an electrical or mechanical component or system is suspected of causing it.

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Since many of our electrical and mechanical engineers are also certified fire investigators and are extensively familiar with fire patterns and damage, they work closely with our fire investigators to provide a comprehensive, technical examination that identifies the failure and assigns responsibility when and where possible. Additionally, in order to stay current with the latest analysis tools and techniques, we require that both our investigators and engineers maintain their certifications through regularly scheduled continuing education courses.

After we’ve isolated the fire’s origin and potential ignition sources, our engineers will conduct on-site or bench examinations of various components or systems to identify the nature of the failure, whether it resulted from a manufacturing or design defect, negligent installation or third-party liability. Our thorough evaluations strengthen any case from the causation side of the investigation and result in potential opportunities for recovery or policy defenses.

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