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With the growth of the population and an increasing amount of travel, the safety concerns for the millions of vehicles and people utilizing the road systems, airlines, public transit, waterways and rail have become a focus of federal and state regulations as well as litigation.

As a result, the transportation sector has become increasingly regulated and closely monitored.

Over the past 40 years, the industry has concentrated its efforts on infrastructure improvement, accident cause and prevention, alternative modes of transit and reducing environmental impacts. During that time, EFI Global has become an industry partner to help meet the needs related to this focus.

Our multi-disciplined team routinely responds 24 hours/day to accidents, failures and fires in order to determine cause, recommend corrective measures, identify cost considerations and evaluate environmental impact.  

Our varied transportation experience includes:

  • Failure Analysis on Roads or Bridges
  • Environmental Contamination Assessments
  • Low-impact Bio-mechanical Studies on Vehicles
  • Hazardous Material Investigations and Remediation Oversight at Airports
  • Emergency Spill Response Resulting from Roll-overs
  • Fire Origin and Cause on Marine Vessels
  • Pavement and Bridge Failure Following Heavy Storm Activity
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