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Telecommunications Consulting Services

Successful telecommunications projects demand extensive A&E experience, and expertise in regulatory and compliance issues. Our experts include hundreds of state licensed professionals who provide specialized industry knowledge and timely service. Our team is committed to building and maintaining strong, long-term relationships. For more than 35 years, we have provided clients with practical and innovative solutions for many types of projects, consulting on over 30,000 assignments annually.

Expert in this field
Ahmet Colakoglu

EFI Global - USA
Vice President, Telecom Services

Whether your business requires a simple evaluation or an exhaustive investigation, we pride ourselves on delivering vital information and resources to respond to your needs. EFI Global’s telecommunications consulting services include a broad array of solutions from field surveys and project management to site assessments and full-scale construction drawings. Key services include:

• Architectural and engineering (A&E) services, such as:
– 1A, 2C, boundary and topographic surveys
– Architectural, civil, structural and electrical engineering
– Expert witness testimonies
– Photo simulations
– Construction, zoning and as-built drawings
– Tower design, structural analysis and foundation upgrade design
– Antenna mount analysis, assessment letters and upgrade design
– Rooftop structural analysis, investigations and inspections
– Water tank and smoke stack structural analysis
• Phase I environmental site assessments to identify potential areas of contamination
• Due diligence services such as seismic evaluations and flood plain analysis
• Transaction screens
• Database reviews
• Third party peer reviews
• Phase II investigations such as soil vapor surveys and mold testing
• Investigation, analysis and consultation to assist with managing and removing asbestos and lead-based paint, polychlorinated biphenyls, universal waste and other hazardous materials
• National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance services
• Forensic engineering solutions
• Supplemental catastrophe response services

Evaluating and selecting the most cost-effective approach is an essential part of our process. EFI’s strategic risk management capabilities and cost control measures allow for more efficient project planning, execution, management, billing and closeout. Our experts are also proactive in their approach to project reports and budgets. Each stage of the process is monitored for quality assurance.

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