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Brownfield and Site Development

EFI Global is well versed in working with Brownfield sites. We desire to partner with our client to provide the best solution, whether remediation or corrective action, for a given site and situation. In order to mitigate the risk of a property, we work with our client to address the real or perceived pollution to expand, re-establish, re-use or redevelop the impacted site.

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Our initial evaluations often include multiple options with cost estimates, which allow you to make an informed decision regarding the engineering design, remedial activity, operation and maintenance. From project inception to completion, we can assist with the facilitation of various insurance products to assist and mitigate potential risk.

Our team will work with the property owner and/or developer and the associated state, community or federal regulatory agency. A properly re-developed Brownfield site is a value and benefit to the community by creating new job opportunities, creating a new tax base, assisting in the elimination of health & safety hazards and blighted property eyesores while creating opportunities for new investments. A revitalized Brownfield site offers many opportunities beyond the original land-use.

We assist in the following Brownfield areas:

  • Technical Assessment, Remediation & Oversight
  • State and/or Federal Grants
  • State Environmental Agencies
  • Local Economic Development Agencies
  • Local Government Agencies
  • Federal Environmental Protection Agency
  • Community Groups
  • Coordinating with Legal Counsel
  • Coordinating with Insurance Products for Cleanup Activities
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