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Wetlands and Biological

Delineation of wetlands is typically accomplished to formally designate wetland boundaries to meet notification requirements and to help assess the magnitude of mitigative actions should impacts to a wetland occur as a result of a proposed project.

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Many development activities that are commonplace and do not impact wetlands negatively have been issued Nationwide Permits (NWPs) by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

Typically, there are special conditions attached to each of the NWPs that place limitations on the applicability of what projects may be included under each permit as well as mitigation requirements. In addition, other permits that may be required, such as 401 Water Quality Certification or Short-Term Water Quality Modifications, may also be specified as part of the NWP. State, county or municipal agencies may have requirements that are more restrictive and further limit project impacts, even though an NWP may exist for a specific activity. Projects that do not qualify under the NWP program are typically subject to an individual Section 404 permit, which typically requires a significantly more involved permitting process and mitigation effort.

EFI Global’s services are provided for large and small sites that have land disturbing activities and we recommend wetland delineation be performed at the beginning stages of project planning with direct coordination with local, state and federal regulatory programs.

To address the needs of the land development community, our experts perform environmental feasibility studies and environmental permitting. These services help our clients make informed decisions in property purchases, real estate development and planned construction activities as they relate to nearby wetlands and listed species. We can also provide experts review of permitting information and interpretive guidance or regulatory interaction necessary.

Our personnel have extensive experience in performing wetland delineations, assisting clients with Section 404 permitting and development of mitigation plans. Our professionals also conduct various wildlife studies involving amphibians, reptiles, fish and small mammals to determine the impact of proposed projects.

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