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Residential Services

Residential properties are subject to a variety of potential damages from fires, construction defects, subsurface movement, moisture intrusion and storms.

The professionals at EFI Global understand that the residential claims process can be a very emotional experience for a policy holder and take care to represent our clients as partners in the process. Our systematic approach to every claim evaluation is performed with professionalism and diligence. Whether damaged roofing, curtain walls, foundation issues, water intrusion or Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues, our experts have the experience and personnel to provide information needed for managing the cost of a claim and provide repair recommendations.

In the days and weeks following a natural disaster, a large extent of the damage and resulting claims are typically related to residential properties. Our Catastrophe Response team consists of structural, electrical and mechanical engineers as well as industrial hygienists and fire & environmental professionals who mobilize to the area and quickly assess the issues related to claims from roofs and foundations to mechanical equipment and finishes.

With multi-disciplined professionals, We cost effectively address origin & cause, structural issues or claims resulting from catastrophic loss.  Our team has addressed issues including:

  • Indoor Air Quality Impact from Sub-surface Environmental Contamination and Vapor Intrusion
  • Fire Loss Resulting from an Electrical Source
  • Water Intrusion from a Faulty Foundation Resulting in Mold Contamination
  • Sewage Backup from Local Flooding and a Faulty Sump System Resulting in Occupant Illness
  • Asbestos Contamination Resulting from a Fire Loss
  • Roof Failure That Resulted in Water Intrusion, Water Damage and Mold Contamination
  • Mold Growth and Contamination Resulting from Improperly Utilized HVAC Control Systems
  • Structural Engineering Evaluations Following an Earthquake
  • Roof Inspections After a Hail Storm
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