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Third-Party Review and Data Verifications

EFI Global provides third party review and data verification services for our clients to assist them in reviewing the details of their project in an analytical manner as compared to regulatory requirements, cost considerations and industry standards.

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Many clients call on our experts to verify project costs, regulatory compliance and specific procedures to ensure the project is proceeding in a responsible, practical manner without cost overruns or delays.

We are often asked to review the short- and long-term costs and procedures on insurance claims to verify on-site contractors and restoration firms are performing their work efficiently and in accordance with industry standards and project expectations. Our team provides expert testimony of our review in project disputes, arbitration and litigation.

We also provide third party oversight and review of construction projects representing lending institutions involved in major construction and development. Our team compares construction draw requests from contractors and owners to the actual progress of work completed and installed on site.

During environmental remediation or catastrophic loss related restoration, we provide third party review of the services proposed to be performed by remediation firms and restoration contractors. We also review prior work efforts, invoices and project documentation related to these projects. We review their manpower, equipment and level of effort provided to assist our client achieve maximum efficiency on their money spent.

Our team also reviews analytical data, historical and current, to verify that the current path to regulatory compliance and closure is achievable and efficient. We utilize environmental risk assessment modeling, soil and ground water assessment data and air dispersion modeling as analytical tools in our investigation.

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