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Ulf Lindmark, PE, BCEE

Senior Principal Engineer


Los Angeles Service Center
317 S. Isis Avenue, Suite 207





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  • Professional summary

    Ulf Lindmark has been active in the environmental field since 1980. He has specialized knowledge in both the theoretical and practical aspects of environmental engineering, particularly in the areas of remedial action design, water treatment, contamination transport, hydrogeology, construction management, and agency requirements.

    Ulf has extensive experience in assessment and remediation of sites containing gasoline and associated compounds such as MTBE, TBA and benzene; PCE, TCE, and other chlorinated hydrocarbons; diesel; waste oil; crude oil; pesticides; PCBs; PNAs (poly-nuclear aromatics); acids; alkalines; brine; and heavy metals. His experience includes a variety of sites, such as chemical plants, construction sites, dry cleaners, fueling facilities, hospitals, landfills, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, oil fields, plating shops, salvage yards, schools, and service stations.

    Areas of Expertise:

    • Assessments of contamination of soils, groundwater, air, or surface water
    • Natural attenuation of subsurface contamination
    • Age dating and source identification of subsurface contamination
    • Remedial investigations and feasibility studies
    • Soils remedial action including vapor extraction and carbon treatment, thermal treatment, recycling, bio-venting, incineration, landfarming, chemical fixation, heat injection, systematic excavation, and vapor barriers
    • Groundwater monitoring and soil and air sampling programs
    • Groundwater remedial action including phase separation, ion-exchange, air stripping, air sparging, carbon adsorption, chemical oxidation, dual-phase extraction, oxygen-release compounds, and enhanced biodegradation
    • Operation and maintenance of treatment systems
    • Underground storage tank design and engineering including electronic, liquid and vapor monitoring; tank integrity testing; corrosion prevention; fuel management systems; operational manuals; inventory control; overfill protection, piping systems; flow restriction devices; and tank lining, as well as site closures involving removal and abandonment in place
    • Aboveground storage tank design and compliance
    • Construction management and preparation of operation and maintenance manuals and specifications
    • Stormwater management and compliance
    • Spill containment and contingency programs
    • Sewers and leach-field investigations
    • Preliminary endangerment assessments
    • Real Estate Phase I investigations
    • Vapor intrusion assessments and mitigation
    • Expert witness testimony and litigation support
  • Education

    MS Degree, Civil Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, 1980

  • Certifications

    Professional Registered Civil Engineer, California (No. 36787)

    Board Certified Environmental Engineer (BCEE) in the specialty of hazardous waste management, American Academy of Environmental Engineers

    California Contractors Class A/Haz License, Inactive

  • Disciplines
    • Engineering - Civil
    • Engineering - Forensic Engineering
    • Environmental - Brownfield and Site Development
    • Environmental - Indoor Air Quality and Mold
    • Environmental - Regulatory Compliance
    • Environmental - Remediation Oversight and Monitoring
    • Environmental - Site Assessments and Remediation
    • Environmental - Property Due Diligence and Condition Assessment
    • Specialty and Consulting - Laboratory Services
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