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Robert Tanay, RA

Project Manager


New Jersey Service Center
11 Commerce Way
Suite A



Telephone 2




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  • Professional summary

    Mr. Tanay is a registered architect with 30+ years of experience in design, construction, and project management. He is well versed in the design and construction industry and general architectural practice. He brings a proven record of project management and the abilities to provide company clients with a wide array of services. His expertise includes the implementation of design and construction programs for national corporations, facility evaluations for Property Condition Assessments and monitoring construction of new and existing properties. Services offered included architectural design, master planning, and project and construction management. Mr. Tanay has a proven track record of providing due diligence studies to lending agencies and law firms. Provided testimony as an expert witness for law firms. Mr. Tanay has completed over one thousand assessments, including Property Condition Assessments, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Construction Management and Loan Monitoring, Seismic Risk Assessments, Forensic Investigations, etc. for office buildings, major retail centers, residential, mixed-use, industrial, recreational, warehouse, medical, hotels and educational facilities. Mr. Tanay has had project responsibilities including concept and preliminary design, documentation, surveillance and management for commercial, residential and institutional projects. He has considerable experience dealing with state and local government agencies. He has also served as construction superintendent on various construction projects. Mr. Tanay has general knowledge and professional experience of the statutory and regulatory requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). He has attended training seminars detailing the requirements of the ADA. In addition, he has completed and reviewed ADA studies of various properties.



  • Education

    Master’s Degree, Business Administration, St. Joseph University, Philadelphia, PA, 1990

    Bachelor’s Degree, Architecture, St. Joseph University, Philadelphia, PA, 1983

  • Certifications

    Registered Architect, Pennsylvania, RA-009227-X Registered Architect, New Jersey, 21AI00971400

    Registered Architect, Illinois, 001-017365 Registered Architect Ohio, 0513969

    Registered Architect, Kentucky, 6010 Registered Architect, Georgia, RA011495 Registered Architect,

    South Carolina, 7216 Registered Architect, North Carolina, 10318 Registered Architect, Texas, 20597

    Registered Architect, Florida, AR94316 Registered Architect, Missouri, A-2008022759

    Registered Architect, Virginia, 0401015480

    Registered Architect, Indiana, AR111100017

    Registered Architect, Oklahoma, a6213

    Registered Architect, Colorado, ARC 00403058

    Registered Architect, Maryland, 17247

    Registered Architect, Minnesota, 51460

    Registered Architect, Nevada, 7131

    Registered Architect, Delaware, S5-000891

    Registered Architect, Maine, ARC4334

    Registered Architect, Alabama, 7773

    Registered Architect, Michigan, 1301064927

    Registered Architect: Iowa, 07322

    Registered Architect: Connecticut, ARI.0013899

    Certified – National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, 34,529

    Member – Accessibility Professionals Association - 1001


  • Disciplines
    • Engineering - Building Envelope Assessments
    • Engineering - Construction Management
    • Engineering - Construction Defect Evaluations
    • Engineering - Construction Management - Monitoring
    • Engineering - Property Condition Assessments
    • Engineering - Roof Assessments
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