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Michael OConnor, PE, SE, EE, ME, CFEI, PI

Lead Forensic Engineer


Sacramento, CA Service Center
1172 National Drive
Suite 100
Sacramento, CA





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  • Professional summary

    Michael OConnor has 41 years of continuous experience in the fields of structural, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering. Michael holds licenses in all four fields and holds the NAFI Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator designation. He is also a certified slip and fall expert. Michael investigates a wide range of losses including fires, structural failures, construction defects, personal injury, and product failures. He works directly with large loss insurance adjusters, major utility suppliers, product manufacturers and attorneys. He is the engineer of record for all design projects generated by the Sacramento branch office.

  • Education

    Extension Diploma in General Metallurgy, American Society for Metals, Materials Engineering Institute, Materials Park, Ohio

    California State University, Sacramento, California, Graduate Studies in Structural Engineering, Graduate Courses in Structural Dynamics and Structural Stability

    New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico, Master of Science in Electrical Power Engineering, 1987, Thesis: The Application of Carson’s Equations to Underground Cables

    University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering, Graduated in 1984 with Highest Honors

    California State University, Sonoma, California, Graduate Studies in Physics and Mathematics, 1979 to 1980

    University of California, Berkeley, California, Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering, Graduated in 1978 with Highest Honors

    Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, California, Associate of Science Degree in Engineering, 1976, Graduated with Highest Honors


  • Certifications

    Registered Civil Engineer in California, License Number C33404

    Registered Structural Engineer in California, License Number S3911

    Registered Electrical Engineer in California, License Number E12719

    Registered Mechanical Engineer in California, License Number M31730

    Registered Civil and Structural Engineer in Hawaii, Number 8090

    Registered Civil Engineer in Nevada, License Number 16233

    Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, NAFI

    Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator, NAFI

    Certified XL Tribometrist, CXLT


  • Disciplines
    • Engineering - Civil
    • Engineering - Structural, Building
    • Engineering - Forensic Engineering
    • Engineering - Electrical
    • Fire Investigations - Failure Analysis
    • Fire Investigations - Incendiarism
    • Fire Investigations - Origin and Cause
    • Engineering-Earthquake Damage Assessment
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