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Senior Fire Investigator


Seattle, WA Service Center
9316 Lakeview Avenue, Bldg. 21-C
PO Box 98887
Lakewood, WA






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  • Professional summary

    Mr. Grooms began his career in the fire service as a Volunteer Firefighter Ketchum, Idaho Fire Department and soon added an Emergency Medical Technician certification. Mr. Grooms later relocated to Caldwell, Idaho and was a volunteer there for several years before moving to Alaska. There he was selected as a volunteer Fire Captain in Skagway, obtaining Firefighter l and EMT Level lll certifications, and served for seven years. Mr. Grooms began performing commercial plans review and bi-annual commercial building inspections for the State of Alaska; which gave him insight into how larger buildings were constructed and maintained, with fire prevention and failure analysis as the primary goals. Mr. Grooms has participated in several Firefighter 1 classes as an assistant and then primary instructor. Other fire related classes taught include sprinklers, evidence spoliation, building construction, ventilation, scene documentation.

     Areas of Expertise:

    • Fire Origin and Cause
    • Vehicle Origin and Cause
    • Evidence identification, collection, and processing
    • Interview and Interrogation
  • Education

    Bachelor of Arts, Recreation Management, University of Montana, Missoula, Montana, 1976
    Alaska Law Enforcement Academy, Class 2010A

  • Certifications

    Certified Fire Investigator, International Association of Arson Investigators, #36-042805
    National Board of Fire Service Professional Qualifications – Pro Board, #382216
    Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, National Association of Fire Investigators, #24384-14808
    National Incident Management System 100, 200 and 700, Federal Emergency Management System
    Hazardous Material Technician, Skagway Fire Department, #19140509
    Alaska Law Enforcement Training Academy, Department of Public Safety, Session 1001
    Certified Police Officer, Alaska Police Standards Council, #5820
    Fire Extinguisher Permit Class ll, State of Alaska, #18-0008-2

  • Disciplines
    • Fire Investigations
    • Fire Investigations - Failure Analysis
    • Fire Investigations - Incendiarism
    • Fire Investigations - Liability
    • Fire Investigations - Origin and Cause
    • Fire Investigations - Subrogation
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