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Brice Trask, IAAI-CFI

Fire Investigator


Sacramento, CA Service Center
1172 National Drive
Suite 100
Sacramento, CA





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  • Professional summary

    Brice Trask served in the Fire Service for over 20 years.  Personally investigated or supervised over 500 investigations.  Investigations include fires and explosions involving multiple fatalities.  Brice Trask has deliberately set approximately 50 training fires and 4 explosions in various types of structures, vehicles and vegetation to observe fire spread, behavior and explosion effects. The fires and explosions duplicated accidental and incendiary fires and explosions.

  • Certifications
    Certified Fire Investigator, International Association of Arson Investigators, No. 22-120806 Dec. 2008
    BSIS – Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, No. PI 26251 Jan. 2009
    Certified Fire Investigator, California Conference of Arson Investigators, No. 641 March 2009
    Fire Investigator 1 – California Fire Service Training and Education System, March 2006
    Fire Officer – California Fire Service Training and Education System, Jan. 2003
    Fire Fighter II – California Fire Service Training and Education System, Nov. 2002
    Fire Mechanic 1 – California Fire Service Training and Education System, April 1992
    General Building Contractor – California Contractors State License board, April 1988
  • Disciplines
    • Fire Investigations
    • Fire Investigations - Failure Analysis
    • Fire Investigations - Incendiarism
    • Fire Investigations - Liability
    • Fire Investigations - Origin and Cause
    • Fire Investigations - Subrogation
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