Forensic and Engineering Services perform fire origin and cause investigations, failure analysis and product liability, risk and loss control assessments


We routinely assist claims professionals in overcoming complex challenges by providing a wide array of engineering, fire investigation, environmental consulting, accident reconstruction and laboratory services.  

Expert witness testimony given for disputes in forensic engineering, accident reconstruction, environmental consulting, asbestos cases, mold and indoor quality and more


Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals is prepared to assist with disputes and provide expert witness testimony for various practice areas.

Commercial Property Consulting services include forensic investigations, origin and cause investigations, and mold and indoor quality evaluations

Commercial Services

With in-house forensic engineers, environmental consultants and fire investigators, we are uniquely qualified to assist in every type of commercial real estate and property management consideration. 

We address origin and cause, structural issues or claims resulting from catastrophic loss such as asbestos contamination, roof failure, vapor intrusion and more

Residential Services

Our vast resources and experienced personnel can assess residential damage, provide an accurate origin and cause analysis of any loss and advise on repairs and remediation.

We offer the healthcare industry forensic engineering services, indoor air quality, asbestos and hazardous materials and building environment investigations


We support health and human services with a diverse team of certified industrial hygienists, indoor air quality consultants, human health risk assessors, certified safety professionals and mechanical and building systems engineers. 

We provide the commercial real estate market with due diligence reporting, property condition assessments, environmental investigations and more


Our thorough real estate due diligence reports empowers our clients to make informed decisions to purchase, manage or finance the asset of question.

Environmental services include Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, asbestos inspections, mold and air quality investigations and storage tank management


From serving as environmental consultants prior to the purchase of an educational facility, to serving as forensic engineers in the aftermath of a catastrophe, we understand the care and discretion required to work in these specialized learning environments.

We provide construction component evaluations, specialized roof uplift, window testing and expert witness testimony


The vast and varied expertise of our engineers, roof consultants, architects, building envelope consultants and environmental professionals enables us to support the needs of our clients from pre through post construction.

Manufacturing sector engineering assessments and consulting services improve safety, minimize risk and maintain compliance


Our technical consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in assisting the manufacturing industry with environmental, health and safety regulations and programs, and performing engineering assessments. 

Investigations, evaluations and solutions-based designs plus project management services provided to U.S. government agencies/municipalities

Government Agencies

We provide a broad scope of engineering, environmental and investigative services to government agencies of all levels including federal, state, local and municipalities. 

Forensic Engineers evaluate transportation accidents, failures, and fire origin and cause on marine vessels, hazardous material investigations and more


By leveraging the collective knowledge of our multi-disciplinary professionals, we’ve positioned ourselves as an industry leader with unmatched experience, education and training in the transportation sector.

Oil and Gas Program provides a total solution for cost-effective results addressing subsurface investigations, leaking underground storage tank investigations and more

Oil and Gas

With proven oil and gas management and remediation expertise, we can engineer, direct and execute every phase of a project in a quick and cost effective manner.

We offer environmental consulting, forensic engineers, fire investigators and catastrophe response personnel to ensure safety in the hospitality industry


Our environmental planning and forensic investigations are designed to ensure the development and continued safe operation of your facility.