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Tonya Scheuerman,

Forensic Consultant


Michigan Service Center
1950 Sequoia Trail



Telephone 2





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  • Professional summary

    Ms. Scheuerman first began working on engineering projects 14 years ago as a student working through school and has over 10 years of combined experience with both cooperative educational and professional engineering experience. She holds an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and with that she focuses on equipment and cost consulting currently for EFI Global as a Forensic Consultant. 

    Most recently, Ms. Scheuerman has specialized in providing post-loss technical solutions to carriers, IAs, attorneys and/or insureds. She can provide the following services for any electrical/mechanical equipment or building systems. Her expertise can be valuable at any time during the claims process even after a cause of loss has already been identified.

    • Investigate cause of loss and/or determine scope and extent of damage
    • Provide recovery options (repair, replacement or restoration)
    • Complete a contamination (soot, water, etc.) analysis and assist with restoration process
    • Provide repair costs, replacement cash value, actual cash value, salvage value
    • Capture claim exposure to help set claim reserves
    • Mitigation plans to reduce claim time, expense and business interruption to what is fair and reasonable
    • Work with insured selected vendors to negotiate what is truly necessary to get back to a pre-loss condition before the insured may settle
    • Review and validate claimed invoices for work that has already been completed by separating out excessive mark ups, pre-existing conditions, profiting off a loss, code upgrades and non-loss related work

    These assessments can be completed as desk reviews or site inspections in residential or commercial markets.

    Examples of equipment and building systems: phone systems, HVAC, fire alarm panels, security, medical, dental or veterinary, elevators, transformers, CNC, manufacturing, motors, severs, computers, printing presses, residential, smart homes, lighting controls, farming, traffic lights, dry cleaning, power distribution, generators, etc.

    Examples of perils to those systems: lightning or other weather-related events, power surge, fire or explosion, soot, water, floating neutral, any contamination, drop, power loss, vandalism, operator error, power sag, impact from vehicle, collapse, single phasing, etc.

  • Education

    Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, Kettering University, Flint, Michigan

  • Disciplines
    • Engineering - Forensic Engineering
    • Engineering - Component Examination
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