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Michael Pacifico,

Environmental Advisor


Chicago Service Center (EFI Global)
2055 W. Army Trail Road, #108






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  • Professional summary

    Mr. Pacifico has eight years of experience in the environmental field. His technical expertise includes asbestos and lead inspections, mold investigations, and indoor air quality monitoring. He has worked on numerous site investigations and many asbestos remediation projects. These projects include industrial, commercial and residential clients. He has received his licensees under the Illinois Department of Health’s asbestos and lead programs and has a good knowledge on environmental laws and regulations. Although most of his work has been done in Illinois, he has also done projects in Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Colorado, Montana and Nebraska.

    Mr. Pacifico has years of experience on asbestos and indoor air consulting for both public and private clients. His responsibilities include overseeing asbestos abatement plans and providing air monitoring clearances on site. In addition, he is also a licensed lead risk assessor that provides in depth inspections of lead-based materials and provide consultation.

    Mr. Pacifico has numerous quality years of experience in indoor air quality assessments and mold investigations. He has provided assessments on many residential and commercial sites that includes air and surface sampling. He has performed helped with remediation consultations and developed remediation guidelines.

    Mr. Pacifico is also a national biosafety cabinet certifier for the FBI. He certified many biosafety cabinets around the United States to make sure they are functioning well. He helps maintain them by calibrating air flow and making sure filters are working properly.

    Areas of Expertise:

    • Asbestos, lead, hazardous building materials and mold consulting
    • Multi-Disciplinary Service Coordination (environmental, engineering, remediation)
    • Residential and commercial abatement and demolition project management
    • FBI Biosafety Cabinet Certifier


  • Education

    Bachelor’s Degree, Earth, Systems, and Environmental Science, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL, 2014

  • Certifications

    Asbestos Inspector, IDL, IA, License # 23-9805
    Asbestos Inspector, IDPH, IL, License # 100-19588
    Lead Risk Assessor, IDPH, IL, License # 1002201
    Asbestos Air Sampling Professional

  • Disciplines
    • Environmental - Asbestos and Lead
    • Environmental - Indoor Air Quality and Mold
    • Environmental - Remediation Oversight and Monitoring
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