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Melanie Smith, PE

Forensic Structural Engineer


Atlanta Service Center (EFI Global)
2150 Northmont Parkway
Suite F Duluth, GA





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  • Professional summary

    Melanie S. Smith, P.E., is a forensic engineer specializing in structural analysis, design, and forensic investigations of commercial, residential, institutional and industrial structures. She has over 35 years of experience in structural engineering and design of buildings and structures, including office buildings, museums, schools, correctional facilities, libraries, auditoriums, sport complexes, parking garages, airplane hangars, cranes and equipment supports, and other structures, in the southeastern United States and Puerto Rico. She has over 2 years specializing in forensic structural engineering. Her projects in forensic engineering include commercial, institutional and residential buildings and aquatic structures which have experienced damage from weather, age and geotechnical causes. She is knowledgeable the International Building Code and the Florida Building Code and familiar with local jurisdictional codes in the Georgia and Florida region.

    Areas of Expertise
    •         Structural Engineering Design and Analysis
    •         Forensic Structural Engineering Analysis and Structural Inspection
    •         Roofing Inspection of all Types of Residential and Commercial Roofing
    •         Geotechnical Assessment of Structural Foundation Failures

  • Education

    Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Honor, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA, 1983
    Master of Civil Engineering, specializing in structures, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1994

  • Certifications

    Professional Engineer, State of Georgia, License # PE011750

    Professional Engineer, State of Florida, License # 34106

    Professional Engineer, State of South Carolina, License #34306

    Professional Engineer, State of Alabama, License #36574

    Professional Engineer, State of Tennessee, License # 120052

    Professional Engineer, State of Louisiana, License # PE011750

    Professional Engineer, State of West Virginia, License # 020092


  • Disciplines
    • Engineering - Structural, Building
    • Engineering - Forensic Engineering
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