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Dan Zachreson, PE, CXLT

District Engineering Principal


Sacramento, CA Service Center
1172 National Drive
Suite 100
Sacramento, CA





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  • Professional summary

    Mr. Zachreson is a licensed professional engineer with over 20 years of experience in architectural and structural engineering and construction.  He has conducted over 2,000 forensic engineering investigations, most of which have involved structural and building envelope (roof coverings, wall cladding, windows/fenestrations) damage and/or failures.  His engineering experience includes root cause studies of structural failures and collapses, moisture intrusion and condensation, soil subsidence, foundation settlement and heaving, damage assessment related to earthquake, fire, and storm events (hail, wind, hurricane, snow and ice), wind vs wave damage assessment, water testing and destructive testing of various building assemblies, stucco testing, design of temporary and permanent repairs for damaged structures and building envelope systems, structural framing and foundation design and analysis.  Other experience includes expert witness testimony in depositions, construction of light framed buildings, and engineering management.  Mr. Zachreson has developed and presented instructional courses on earthquake damage evaluation, snow/ice structural damage evaluation and wildfire building envelope damage assessment.  As District Engineering Principal, he oversees the engineering division for Northern California and Northern Nevada.

  • Education

    Specialized Education:


    Building Pathology Courses: Roofs; Walls; Thermal Movement, Corrosion and Ozone, ASCE, 2016

    Roof Science and Technology II, RCI, 2014

    Roof Science and Technology, I, RCI, 2013.

    Arctic Engineering, University of Alaska at Anchorage, 2011

    CXLT Certification, Mr. William English, 2009




    Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, California State University, Sacramento, California, 2003

  • Certifications

    Professional Engineer, CA, #71471

    Professional Engineer, NV, #018766

    Professional Engineer, WA, #43530

    Professional Engineer, OR, #79568PE

    Professional Engineer, AZ, #46873

    Professional Engineer, MT, #18830

    Professional Engineer, CO, #42355

    Professional Engineer, ID, #13491

    Professional Engineer, UT, #7080435-2202

    Professional Engineer, AK #13034

    UAS Remote Pilot Part 107 Certificate, FAA #4414709

    CXLT (Certified XL Tribometrist)

  • Disciplines
    • Catastrophe Response Team - Forensic Engineering and Investigation
    • Engineering - Building Envelope Assessments
    • Engineering - Civil
    • Engineering - Structural, Building
    • Engineering - Structural, Bridge
    • Engineering - Construction Management
    • Engineering - Construction Defect Evaluations
    • Engineering - Forensic Engineering
    • Engineering - Roof Assessments
    • Engineering-Earthquake Damage Assessment
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