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Our microbiology laboratories support a wide range of indoor air quality, mold and other environmental investigations conducted throughout the U.S.

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We specialize in the analysis of indoor air quality samples for common fungi, yeasts and bacteria found in residential and commercial properties. In addition to fungal analysis, we offer an extensive list of services for the identification of bacteria in indoor environments and drinking water.

Our laboratories are also participants in the American Industrial Hygienist Associations Environmental Microbiology Proficiency Analytical Testing Program (EMPAT).

Below is a partial list of our services.

  • Non-Viable Fungi
    • Air Sample Analysis.
    • Direct Exam: Tape Lift, Bulk, Wipe and Swabs
    • Wood Degradation Analysis
  • Viable Fungi
    • Plate Impactors
    • Bulk/Surface, Wipe, Swabs and Dust Samples
  • Bacterial Identification
    • Bacterial Count & Gram Stain Enumeration: Plate Impactors, Bulk, Wipe, Swabs and Dust Samples
  • Water Quality Testing
    • Quantification of Escherichia Coli and Other Fecal Coliforms
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