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Insurance carriers rely on service providers for timely responses.

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Specifically, there is an increased demand for quicker turnaround of investigative reports that address critical issues relating to a loss. In many instances, carriers have explicit timelines to determine how to proceed with a claim and the expert report can be of the utmost importance in that decision process.

However, expediting the reporting process is not the only consideration. Without a quality work product, insurance companies can be forced to make uninformed decisions on claim settlements based on inappropriate data that was collected and analyzed without the proper methodology.



Fire Focused Automated Client Solutions is an automated process developed and used exclusively by EFI Global in order to provide consistent, factual reporting to the client in a timely manner. It is a customized, portable platform software application used by our fire investigators for data collection at the investigation site.

This data is collected using court-tested methodology, downloaded into a consistent format and analyzed for solid origin and cause determination. After the case investigator completes the report, it is automatically submitted for a senior management technical review. Once approved, the report is presented to the client in electronic and/or hardcopy format and typically delivered within half the time of the 21-day industry average.

The quicker the report is in client’s hands, the more efficient the claims process. In addition, once the report and enclosures are compiled within our FireFACS™ system, there is a permanent record of the product in our secure database that can be easily recovered, if necessary.

By providing investigators with the technological tools to enter and process data at the investigation site, we provide consistent, factual reporting that allows insurance companies to make quick and informed decisions on claims settlements.

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