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Ryan Allaire, PE

District Manager


Denver, CO Service Center
3030 S. Tejon St.
Englewood, CO






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  • Professional summary

    Mr. Allaire currently supervises the Southwest District.  His duties and expectations include, but are not limited to: hiring and retention, technical expertise, financial performance, operating detail, and business development.  Mr. Allaire provides leadership and oversight of origin and cause operations, forensic engineering services, quality, safety, and business development for the District which includes Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

    Mr. Allaire has been involved in fire investigations and water loss investigations.  His involvement in these cases ranges from investigative assistant to lead engineer.  He has investigated arson, appliance failures, electrical fires, HVAC failures, and vehicle fires.  For water loss investigations he has investigated appliance failures, installation defect, product defects, plumbing, and freeze failures.

    Prior to working for EFI Global, he was in test engineering for Raytheon Company, Space and Airborne Systems.  This exposed him to various aspects of engineering.  He designed, integrated, and performed tests for power supplies and converters, digital electronics, analog to digital converters, and optical systems.  His role as a test engineer was to develop test equipment designed from test methods developed from prime hardware design requirements. The development of the test hardware involved the design, manufacture, software (for automated testing), and integration of equipment with prime hardware, troubleshooting of anomalies and failures of test equipment and prime hardware, and validation of the test equipment according to hardware design specifications.

    As a technical intern at Maxtor Corporation, Mr. Allaire was responsible for performing firmware and software testing of hard drives in varying computer hardware configurations.  This required knowledge of the hardware and software being tested and the ability to troubleshoot any anomalies and failures.

  • Education

    Bachelor of Science, Engineering with Electrical Specialty, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado

  • Certifications

    Certified Fire Investigator and Explosion Investigator (CFEI) – National Fire Investigators Association; current since 2009; Registration #14568-7436

    Professional Engineer, Arizona, 51713

    Professional Engineer, California, 23442

    Professional Engineer, Colorado, PE 44231

    Professional Engineer, Kansas, 21649

    Professional Engineer, Louisiana, 38471

    Professional Engineer, Michigan, 6201063993

    Professional Engineer, Missouri, PE-2015022297

    Professional Engineer, Montana, 19974

    Professional Engineer, Nebraska, E-15140

    Professional Engineer, Nevada, 022063

    Professional Engineer, New Mexico, 20186

    Professional Engineer, North Dakota, PE-9224

    Professional Engineer, Oklahoma, 26737

    Professional Engineer, Rhode Island, 13453

    Professional Engineer, Texas, 108208

    Professional Engineer, Utah, 7773932-2202

    Professional Engineer, Wyoming, PE 12866

  • Disciplines
    • Engineering - Mechanical
    • Engineering - Electrical
    • Environmental - Asbestos and Lead
    • Fire Investigations
    • Engineering - Mechanical Engineering
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