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Raul Gaina,

Project Manager


Los Angeles Service Center
317 S. Isis Avenue, Suite 207





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  • Education

    Raul Gaina has been engaged in the environmental sector since 2013 with experience in environmental consulting, environmental fieldwork, environmental education, environmental remediation, and water/wastewater treatment. Mr. Gaina has worked directly with clients and regulatory bodies to investigate historical and current site use and help clients achieve compliance with federal regulations for residential and commercial properties. Mr. Gaina’s experience includes management of all stages of environmental projects including Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Transaction Screen Assessments, and Database Reviews. In addition, Mr. Gaina has provided project oversight of various stages of site characterization and remediation projects including, soil investigation, groundwater monitoring well installation, monitoring well, and underground storage tank abandonment.

  • Certifications

    Engineer in Training (EIT) Certificate No. 479387

    Unlimited, California, Certificate No. 1703145194159

  • Disciplines
    • Environmental - Remediation Oversight and Monitoring
    • Environmental - Site Assessments and Remediation
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