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Senior Fire Investigator


Orlando Service Center
11602 Lake Underhill Road, Ste. 140



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  • Professional summary

    Mr. Miller has over 27 years of law enforcement investigation experience, 9 years of fire service obtaining the rank of District Fire Chief. As a fire investigator he has investigated over 1,000 fires and post-blast incidents both in the public and private sectors involving vehicles, vessels, residential, and commercial properties. Mr. Miller has experience in disciplines including investigations, fire and post-blast investigations, mass-fatality response, hazardous materials, marine and underwater investigations. He has extensive training in hazardous materials, arson and post-blast investigations as well as fatal fire investigations.

    Mr. Miller has received training and is certified by the Florida State Fire College and tested as a Fire Investigator 1 & 2; he is certified through the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) as a Certified Fire Investigator (CFI), the International Association of Marine Investigators (IAMI) and has been tested as a Certified Marine Investigator (CMI); through the National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI), has tested and been certified as a Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator (CFEI) and Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator (CVFI). Meeting the requirements of NFPA 1033 for Fire Investigations, he is recognized by the National Pro Board as a Fire Investigator. Mr. Miller holds certifications for Asbestos Inspector for the States of Alabama and Florida and through the (Federal) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). He also holds certifications as a Police Diver through the National Academy of Police Divers (Miami, Florida) and has specialized training in Underwater Crime Scene Investigations through the Florida State University. Mr. Miller is a certified Law Enforcement Instructor, instructing Hazardous Materials Awareness Level Training, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), Fire-Related Crimes and National Incident Management Training to Law Enforcement and Correctional Officer recruits at the George Stone Technical College, in Pensacola, Florida. Mr. Miller previously held a certification as a Florida State Fire College Fire Instructor, instructing fire and law enforcement personnel on Origin and Cause and Arson Investigations through the Kirk’s Fire Investigation Curriculum and NFPA 921 and NFPA 1033.  Mr. Miller holds Florida and Louisiana Private Investigators licenses and has over seven years’ experience as a private fire investigator. Mr. Miller testified in Criminal and Civil trials in Federal and State Court Proceedings in Mississippi, Florida and Alabama. His experience includes fire and post-blast investigations, Homicide Investigations, evidence identification and collection, subrogation, joint examinations and interviewing and subrogation. Mr. Miller has also obtained his certification/license through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a Remote sUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft System) Pilot.

  • Certifications

    Georgia Private Detective, License #PDE051812

    FAA 107-Rewmote Pilot Certification, Certificate #44340

    Private Investigator, LSBPIE, Louisiana, License #9331-050418-LA

    Private Investigator, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Florida, License # C1400005

    Certified Marine Investigator, International Association of Marine Investigators; # 03993-163

    Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator, National Association of Fire Investigators, #17379-10633v 

    Fire Investigator, National Pro Board (NBFSPQ), Certificate #356666

    Certified Fire Investigator, International Association of Arson Investigators, #09-100646

    Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, National Association of Fire Investigators, # 17379-10633

    Hazardous Materials Technician, Center for Disaster Preparedness/Depart of Homeland Security

    Fire Investigator II - Division of State Fire Marshal; Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training; Certificate # 159052

    Fire Investigator I - Division of State Fire Marshal; Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training; Certificate # 159026

    Florida Law Enforcement Instructor, Florida Department of Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice Standards & Training

    Underwater Crime Scene Investigator, Florida State University, Panama City, Florida

    Certified Police Diver, National Academy of Police Divers, Miami, Florida




  • Disciplines
    • Fire Investigations
    • Fire Investigations - Failure Analysis
    • Fire Investigations - Incendiarism
    • Fire Investigations - Liability
    • Fire Investigations - Origin and Cause
    • Fire Investigations - Subrogation
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