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Senior Fire Investigator


Philadelphia, PA Service Center
2008 Old Arch Rd.
Suite B
East Norriton, PA





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  • Professional summary

    Mr. Pezzano has over 40 years of experience in the fire service and has investigated over 1000 fires including arson, fatality and large loss fires as a municipal and public investigator. Prior to joining EFI as a Full Time Investigator he was responsible for the investigation of fires and explosions occurring in Towamencin Township and worked with the Police Department in prosecution of fire related crimes. He supervised two volunteer Deputy Fire Marshal’s and assisted the Fire Department with response to emergencies within the township and surrounding communities. He was responsible for the review of all Fire Protection Permits and inspection of their installations within Township. He was also responsible for Fire Inspection of all Commercial Occupancies within the Township.

    As Deputy Fire Marshal for Plymouth Township he was responsible for the investigation of most of the fires that occurred in township. He has also worked with local PD and PA State Police Fire Marshal in determining origin and cause and assisted surrounding municipalities with fire investigation and advice on investigation of fires. He was involved in the investigation of a firefighter arson case involving son of neighboring fire company Deputy Chief and also involved in the case when he repeated fire setting after being released from county prison.

    As a Fire Investigator for EFI Global he has conducted over 700 Origin and Cause investigations in both residential to commercial properties. Through EFI Global he has worked for a number of Insurance Companies including Liberty Mutual, Travelers Insurance, Allstate, Guide One, Zurich, QBE, CNA, MMG, Philadelphia Contributionship and Sears Holdings.

    Mr. Pezzano also assists our clients with code issues and forensic code reviews of existing and damaged facilities.


  • Education

    Associates Degree, Fire Science, Montgomery County Community College, 1999

  • Certifications

    IAAI-CFI, #29-112317 with Vehicle Endorsement

    IAAI-ECT, #PA-106       

    Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, #9417-4126                 

    Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator, #9417-4126V

    Pro-Board-Certified Fire Investigator, #31794

    Private Investigator, PA

    Private Investigator, NJ

    Private Investigator, DE            

    Asbestos Inspector PA and NJ

    Pro-Board Certifications:

    Certified Fire Officer II                                                               

    Certified Fire Instructor I                                                           

    Certified Fire Officer I

    Certified Fire Fighter II                                                              

    Certified Fire Fighter I                                                                                                   

    International Code Council Certifications:

    Certified Fire Marshal                    

    Fire Code Specialist

    Building Code Specialist

    Commercial Energy Plans Examiner                                          
    Commercial Plumbing Inspector                     

    Plumbing Plans Examiner                                                         

    Property Maintenance & Housing Inspector                               
    Commercial Energy Inspector                                                   
    Commercial Building Inspector                                                  
    Mechanical Plans Examiner                                                      
    Commercial Mechanical Inspector                                             
    Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner                                      
    Fire Inspector I                                                                         
    Fire Inspector II                                                                        
    Fire Plans Examiner                                                                 
    Building Plans Examiner                                                           
    Building Inspector                                                                     
    Residential Building Inspector

    Fire Prevention I

    Fire Prevention II

  • Disciplines
    • Fire Investigations
    • Fire Investigations - Failure Analysis
    • Fire Investigations - Incendiarism
    • Fire Investigations - Liability
    • Fire Investigations - Origin and Cause
    • Fire Investigations - Subrogation
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