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Justin Cox, P.E.

Senior Forensic Engineer


Orlando Service Center
11602 Lake Underhill Road, Ste. 140



Telephone 2





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  • Professional summary

    Mr. Cox is a Registered Professional Engineer and has over 11 years of experience in structural design, forensic engineering, construction management, and building envelope design. Mr. Cox specializes in forensic engineering and his experience includes assessments of construction deficiencies associated with large/complex projects, structural evaluations of building components due to various natural hazards, moisture intrusion assessments, and building envelope evaluations.

    Area of expertise include, but is not limited to, the following:

    • Evaluation of construction deficiencies
    • Determination of structural damage to due ground movement
    • Evaluation of hurricane damage to structures
    • Evaluation of damage from flooding
    • Evaluation of damage to structures from vehicular impact
    • Structural assessment of damage from fires
    • Assessment of roofs for presence of wind/hail damage
    • Evaluation of flooring damage
    • Structural assessment of collapse of building component
    • Evaluation of damage to retaining walls
    • Assessment of structures damaged by earthquakes
    • Assessment of damages from construction-induced vibrations
    • Evaluation of damage to pools
    • Assessment of structures damaged by moisture intrusion
    • Evaluation of structures for preparation of design specifications/project manuals
    • Construction project management
    • Structural design and preparation of permit drawings/specification
    • Drawing/specification review
  • Education

    Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Structural Focus, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, 2010

  • Certifications

    Professional Engineer, State of Florida, #78052

    Professional Engineer, State of Texas, #128078

    Professional Engineer, State of Louisiana, #44923

    Professional Engineer, State of Tennessee, #120577

    Professional Engineer, State of Colorado, #53025

  • Disciplines
    • Engineering - Building Envelope Assessments
    • Engineering - Building Envelope Design and Consulting
    • Engineering - Structural, Building
    • Engineering - Construction Defect Evaluations
    • Engineering - Forensic Engineering
    • Engineering - Property Condition Assessments
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