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Joseph Kraus, PE

Structural Engineer


Chicago Service Center (EFI Global)
2055 W. Army Trail Road, #108





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  • Professional summary

    Mr. Kraus has over 15 years of engineering industry experience including forensic investigations, construction management, and structural design of bridges, residences, commercial, and institutional buildings. Through work with EFI Global Mr. Kraus has experience providing civil and structural engineering damage assessments as well as performing roof damage assessments. In previous experiences he has been spent time designing structures in regions with significant snow and seismic loadings and has become generally knowledgeable and aware of construction practices spanning beyond the past century.  Field work and construction administration has played a significant role in each of these previous endeavors and has aided in a broad range of development within the engineering industry.

    He also has self-employment experience providing structural engineering services for custom mountain residences.  In these experiences, he has spent time coordinating with architects, owners, and builders to produce construction documents for building purposes.  Through this endeavor he has learned to coordinate with all parties across the field of construction and to communicate effectively.

    In addition to professional work, Mr. Kraus has spent time in Haiti aiding in the relief efforts of the January 2010 Earthquake.  These efforts have entailed providing structural building assessments for residences, schools, churches, and hospitals.  The result of these assessments is to ensure occupant safety and to provide conceptual repair details as required on an individual basis. 

    His general range of expertise includes:

    • Forensic Civil/Structural Investigations
    • Structural Engineering Design
    • Construction Management
    • Roof – Storm Damage Inspections
    • Mine Subsidence Inspections
    • Architectural Design Experience
    • Disaster Relief – Building Evaluation
  • Education

    Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, 2000

  • Certifications
    • Professional Engineer, AR, #14858
    • Professional Engineer, CO, #40742
    • Professional Engineer, FL, #79538
    • Professional Engineer, IL, #062-065718
    • Professional Engineer, KS, #23312
    • Professional Engineer, MO, #2011011129
    • Professional Engineer, TX, #120621
  • Disciplines
    • Engineering - Civil
    • Engineering - Structural, Building
    • Engineering-Earthquake Damage Assessment
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