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David Huskey, PE, ACTAR

Forensic Engineer


Nashville Service Center
4922 Port Royal Road, Suite B-3
Spring Hill


+ 615-778-0160

Telephone 2




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  • Professional summary

    Mr. Huskey is a licensed Professional Engineer in 12 states and a certified Accident Reconstructionist. After obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Tennessee, he has continued his education at Northwestern University, University of North Florida, Institute of Police Technology and Management (IPTM), as well as continuing education courses from the State of Tennessee and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Mr. Huskey has a diverse background that includes roadway design and geometric analysis that seamlessly combines with a background in accident reconstruction. His reconstruction background includes specific training in and field and reconstruction experience in, but not limited to, passenger vehicle collisions, motorcycle collisions, commercial vehicle collisions, pedestrian collisions and bicycle collisions.

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, University of Tennessee, TN, 1999
  • Certifications
    • Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR), # 1328
    • Crash Data Retrieval Operator and Analyst (CDR)
    • Professional Engineer, TN, #0010899
    • Professional Engineer, KY, #23929
    • Professional Engineer, MS, #16748
    • Professional Engineer, NC, #30799
    • Professional Engineer, OH, #70105
    • Professional Engineer, SC, #24138
    • Professional Engineer, VA, #041134
    • Professional Engineer, GA, #030333
    • Professional Engineer, AR, #13972
    • Professional Engineer, AL, #30759
    • Professional Engineer, MO, #2006013899
    • Professional Engineer, FL, #PE71151
    • Professional Engineer, PA, #PE080555
  • Disciplines
    • Engineering - Structural, Building
    • Specialty and Consulting - Transportation
    • Engineering - Mechanical Engineering
    • Engineering-Accident Reconstruction
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