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Casey Clay, PE

Structural and Forensic Engineer







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  • Professional summary

    Mr. Clay has over 16 years engineering experience including forensic engineering investigations, project management and structural design of residential and commercial structures.  Before joining EFI Global, Mr. Clay performed structural designs of various commercial projects, primarily based in Florida, to include mid-rise condominiums, parking garages, banks, hotels, medical office buildings, and retaining walls.  Mr. Clay was also tasked as project manager for the structural design and coordination of thousands of residential homes (track, semi-custom, and custom-built homes) for many of Texas’ largest homebuilders.  Mr. Clay’s extensive experience in both the residential and commercial construction industries provides a unique insight into forensic investigations in all types of structures.

    Mr. Clay’s general areas of expertise include:

    • Forensic Civil/Structural Investigations
    • Residential and Commercial Roof Investigations
    • Structural Evaluations of Fire-Damaged Structures
    • Natural Disaster Building Evaluations
    • Seismic and Vibration Investigations
    • Structural Design of Residential and Commercial Structures
    • Foundation and Retaining Wall Investigations
    • Moisture Intrusion Investigations
  • Education

    B.S. of Science Civil Engineering (Structural), North Carolina State University,Raleigh, NC

  • Certifications

    Registered Professional Engineer, Missouri, #2015037541

    Registered Professional Engineer, Nebraska, #E-15798

    Registered Professional Engineer, Kansas, #24669

    Registered Professional Engineer, Iowa, #23045

    Registered Professional Engineer, Texas, #112747

    Registered Professional Engineer, Oklahoma, #28777

    Registered Professional Engineer, Illinois, #62.068818

    Registered Professional Engineer, Minnesota, #53935

    Registered Professional Engineer, South Carolina, #34083

    Registered Professional Engineer, Florida, #83820

    Registered Professional Engineer, Arkansas, #19601

    HAAG Certified Residential Roof Inspector, ID#201605306

    HAAG Certified Commercial Roof Inspector, ID#201605306

  • Disciplines
    • Engineering - Building Envelope Assessments
    • Engineering - Construction Management
    • Engineering - Construction Defect Evaluations
    • Engineering - Construction Management - Monitoring
    • Engineering - Forensic Engineering
    • Engineering - Property Condition Assessments
    • Engineering - Roof Assessments
    • Engineering-Earthquake Damage Assessment
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