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Blake Carlton, PE, CXLT

Mechanical Forensic Engineer


Houston North
14950 Heathrow Forest Pkwy, Suite 520



Telephone 2




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  • Professional summary

    Mr. Carlton has nine years of experience analyzing hundreds of mechanical failures for residential and commercial equipment. Investigations he has led include plumbing leaks, appliance failures, HVAC failures, corrosion damage, failed electronics, damaged industrial vehicles and tooling, vehicle fires and failures, vehicle fluid analysis, analysis of workplace fatality incidents involving heavy machinery, and categorization of mechanical and material defect failures utilizing fractography.

    System failure scenarios he has diagnosed include:

    • Leaks caused by appliance failures: refrigerators, water heaters, clothe and dish washers
    • Leaks caused by component failures: filters, fittings, metal/plastic tubing, valves, and pumps
    • IBC, IRC, IPC, IMC, IFGC, IEBC code applicability and analysis
    • Overloading of load bearing fasteners and plumbing fastener connections
    • Material degradation caused by corrosion, improper install, or environmental stress cracking
    • HVAC leaks and code violations, electrical damage, and mold growth causation
    • Vehicle breakdown fuel and fluid sampling analysis
    • Vehicle hail damage analysis
    • Industrial equipment depreciated value estimation
    • Slip trip and fall analysis and slip resistance testing
    • Fatigue failure due to cyclical stresses and temperature fluctuation
    • Electrical component failure
    • Crack propagation caused by material defects
    • Manufacturing defects and equipment design defects
    • Equipment shipping damage assessments
    • Industrial equipment injury analysis
  • Education

    Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, 2013

  • Certifications

    Professional Engineer, State of Texas, License #131172
    Professional Engineer, State of Louisiana, License #43213
    Professional Engineer, State of Oklahoma, License #32074
    Professional Engineer, State of Mississippi, License #31217
    Professional Engineer, State of Alabama, License #39734
    Professional Engineer, State of Arkansas, License #19891
    Professional Engineer, State of Florida, License #90075
    CXLT, Tribometer Slip Resistance Testing Certified
    EPA Section 608, Safe Handling of Refrigerants (Applicable Refrigerant Types: Universal)


  • Disciplines
    • Engineering - Mechanical
    • Environmental - Occupational and Industrial Safety
    • Fire Investigations - Failure Analysis
    • Specialty and Consulting - Product Failure and Analysis
    • Engineering - Mechanical Engineering
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