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Site Assessments and Remediation

Prior to the sale of the golf course property, our experts were engaged to conduct a Phase I Site Assessment.

Service(s) performed:

Phase I site assessment/soil investigation/soil remediation project for a golf course



Prior to the sale of the golf course property, our experts were engaged to conduct a Phase I Site Assessment.  Due to poor management practices, the facility was found to have multiple releases of fuel and waste oil, which were above acceptable quantities, which would prevent the resale the property until the issue was resolved, per state regulations.

Based on these results, our environmental team conducted a Phase II Site Investigation, which included soil sampling to delineate the fuel releases around a drum storage area, above ground storage tank (AST) truck fueling area, and remote generator site. Upon successful completion of Phase II, our experts implemented a remediation project which removed 16 tons of impacted soil and collection of confirmatory samples to show the site was properly remediated to below-state standards by a low technology method of excavation and off-site disposal. EFI Global then supplied the state with a site assessment/remediation report requesting a closure letter to show the issue was resolved, per state requirements.  After receiving the No Further Action Letter from the state, the finance company was able to successfully sell the property to a new investor.  Our experts’ knowledge of state regulations and rapid assessment and remediation strategies expedited the sale of the property, thereby preventing long term management cost to the lender.

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