Training available in investigation ethics, fire losses, engineering design failures, environmental concerns and natural disastersWe regularly offer classes approved by various State Departments of Insurance for continuing education credit in investigation ethics, fire losses, engineering design failures, environmental concerns and natural disasters, which can be scheduled at our client’s convenience. Customized training classes are also available, in order to meet specific organizational requirements.

Additional training courses for licensing, pre-licensing, professional designation and professional development are also offered through our sister company, Vale Training Solutions.

Accident Reconstruction and Biomechanics Training

  • Advanced Impact Biomechanics
  • Introduction to Low Speed Impact Biomechanics
  • Introduction to Vehicle Accident Reconstruction
  • Overview of Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Biomechanics
  • Vehicle Fire Examination

Construction Training

  • Basic Building Construction for the Adjuster
  • Construction Defects
  • Residential and Commercial Construction Defects

Earthquakes Training

  • Earthquakes for Adjusters

Electrical Training

  • Electrical Fundamentals

Environmental Training

  • Environmental Investigations


Ethics Training

  • Ethics for the Professional Investigator

Fire Training

  • Basic Fire Science
  • Basic Fire Science for Fire and Explosion Investigations
  • Basic Vehicle Fire Investigation
  • Fire Investigations
  • Fire Investigation Issues
  • Fire Investigation, Origin and Cause Determination
  • Identifying Arson and Fire Investigation Basics
  • Vehicle Fire Examination

 Health and Safety Training

  • Introduction to Slip and Fall Analysis

 Storm Damage Training

  • Mold Assessments and Case Studies
  • Sinkhole, Losses and Investigation Methods
  • Storm Damage of Roofing
  • Storm Damage Assessment of Commercial and Residential Roof Systems

Structural Training

  • Assessment of Commercial Roofing Systems
  • Evaluation of Slab on Grade Foundation for Re-Construction
  • Foundation Evaluation and Repair
  • Hail and Its Effects on Shingle Roofing Systems
  • Moisture Movement in Buildings
  • Residential Foundation Evaluations
  • Structural Assessments:  Repair vs. Replace

Subrogation Training

  • Subrogation Fundamentals

Water Loss Training

  • Mechanical Losses and Water Losses
  • Processing Water Loss Claims for Subrogation
  • Qualitative Water Intrusion Evaluations