Services Performed

Fire origin and cause investigation and product failure analysis


Our fire investigators were engaged for a cause and origin investigation following a fire in a workshop at a single family residence. After observing the scene and collecting evidence for laboratory analysis, we determined that the potential cause of the fire was a pancake compressor used in the workshop area. After further analysis of the pancake compressor, it was determined that it had overheated during use and caused the fire.

As a part of our investigation, EFI Global also conducted exemplar testing of a new compressor and compared with findings from the fire. Upon completion of the testing, it was determined that the failure of the compressor was due to a manufacturer defect that was present in this type and brand of compressor. As a result of our efforts and investigation, EFI Global worked with the local Consumer Product Safety Commission to issue a formal recall of the product.

More Specialty and Consulting Case Studies

  • Laboratory Analysis for Tank Manufacturer
    Our laboratory personnel were commisssioned in part by a Texas public university to investigate and analyze the oxidation rate of ethyl mercaptan in residential liquid propane tanks.  

  • Hurricane Ike Microbiological Analysis
    Following Hurricane Ike in 2008, hundreds of commercials buildings in Houston and the surrounding area were damaged by water infiltration and flooding.