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Environmental Consulting for LAX Redevelopment

The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) began a multi-billion dollar redevelopment program beginning in 2007 through 2018. Since 2008, Andersen Environmental, a firm recently acquired by EFI Global, has provided a range of environmental consulting, safety consulting, and construction monitoring services to Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), and various general contractors and airlines. The largest completed project to date is the Alaska Airlines Terminal 6 Renovations. Services include asbestos abatement monitoring with on-site analyses of air samples, IAQ monitoring in public areas adjacent to work areas, geophysical surveys and soil sampling.

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Our investigative team was hired to determine the origin and cause of fire in a six-story medical office building, which involved a fatality and injuries to several firefighting personnel.

During the summer of 2008, major flooding of the Cedar River covered downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa, requiring the cleaning and repair of numerous municipal and county government facilities.

Our laboratory personnel were commissioned in part by a Texas public university to investigate and analyze the oxidation rate of ethyl mercaptan in residential liquid propane tanks.

Prior to a property real estate transaction, the prospective investors were initially concerned about the general condition of the exterior stucco wall finish at a three-story apartment building complex

Foaming agents and bioremediation additives are now increasingly used in fire suppression. Though helpful, their use raises the question of what effect they may have on the detection and identification of ignitanle liquid residues (ILR).

MBAEvery lending transaction requires different perspectives when evaluating environmental risk.  To ensure the right parties make informed lending decisions and are compliant with applicable regulations, it is critical to incorporate six important steps in any environmental due diligence transaction.

This white paper discusses how uncommon ignition sources, such as matchless fire starters, can present unique challenges in the fire investigation process, and often require a different level of chemical analysis.  A reminder to all that we must remain vigilant when using seasonal fire-assistance items.

This white paper explores the hidden costs that linger long after a wildfire is extinguished, and how appropriate laboratory testing can give the adjuster hard evidence to handle such claims promptly and in good faith.

This white paper explores how to prevent and how to respond to aerial lift accidents.

The benefits of reducing health-care associated infections (HAIs) impacts both the general health of a facility and its bottom line. Recent legislation includes several provisions, including financial incentives, for reducing HAIs.

WindstormWinDo is a patented device developed and used exclusively by EFI Global to measure the extent of damage to a window, door, or any flat surface due to excessive pressure from wind or other loads.

To learn more about WinDo, visit us at Windstorm!  January 19 - 22, 2015 in New Orleans, Booth #207.

The current ASTM standard is set to be reissued in late 2013 containing changes that will impact the commercial real estate industry.  Learn more about the changes and how they may affect your costs to address identified property concerns and environmental liability.